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        Birds - Kansas Ornithological Society

The following are on the Geary County Extension Office's Web Site

Seasonal Changes in Appearance of Cedar Trees
Twig Girdlers - An Insect Pest of Elms and other Kansas Trees

Poison Ivy
     Poison Ivy Bulletin - PDF format, 177 kb
        Poison Ivy Bulletin - HTML

Storm Damage To Trees

Backyard Birding Guides (BBG)
    The following bulletins were written by Geary County Extension Agent Chuck Otte, to help backyard bird watchers and bird feeders.  They are all in Adobe Acrobat format.  Adobe Acrobat reader (available free here) is required to view and print these documents.  Each one is a small file (11 - 18 KB) and will load quickly.

    BBG1 - Feeding the Birds
    BBG2 - Suet and Other Winter Bird Feeding Recipes
    BBG3 - Birdwatching Resources
    BBG4 - Birdwatching Equipment
    BBG5 - How To Watch Birds
    BBG6 - Landscaping for the Birds
    BBG7 - Problems at the Bird Feeder
    BBG8 - Hummingbirds

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